Useful Forms

Please find here the latest Red Card Report form and Match Official Abuse form for use during the season. Should you have need to complete these forms, please ensure that the information that you enter is clear and succinct and accurate. Do not embelish any aspect of your report and report only what you saw and what you are certain of.

Once completed, please return your form by email to, Chris Hoadley, Discipline Officer, All forms should be completed and returned within 48 hours of the completion of your game.

Red Card Report Levels 5 Form Version 2 Oct 2018

Level 5 & Below Match Official Abuse Form

Below please find two documents, the first the notes from the RFU website and the second the relevant report form in the event of a serious injury. Please make sure you have read the notes and are clear what constitutes a “Serious Injury” Please ensure that you notify the Society Chairman in the event of a serious injury as well.

Notes on Serious Injury Reporting from RFU

Serious Injury Referee report form