The Somerset Referee Society is a voluntary organisation run entirely for the benefit of its members and for the provision of referees for rugby in Somerset County. The society is funded by a small levy against each fixture to be paid by the clubs. Additionally the society receives funding from England Rugby Referee Association. Referees receive expenses for the fixtures that they fulfill, however they do not receive any payment for their time and fixtures which are fulfilled on a voluntary basis.

The Society Executive Committee utilise the funding it receives for the training and development of all it’s members in order that it can fulfill it’s primary objective to provide an appropriately qualified referee to every fixture at school, college, university and colts and senior club fixture in Somerset.

The Society and members are fortunate to benefit from the support of several companies and individuals. We are always interested to hear from anyone interested in supporting the Society. Please contact the Chairman orĀ  Marketing Manager to discuss benefits of sponsoring Somerset Referee Society.