Clare Daniels

I became a referee as the women’s team I used to play for struggled to get referees for our games on a Sunday. I played scrum-half and so was used to “helping” the referee when we did get one! I did a course and then SRRS asked me if I wanted to referee a game… so I did and have been hooked ever since. SRRS has been instrumental in supporting me develop as a referee – gender was never an issue, and nor should it be. They supported me through the refereeing ranks and I am forever grateful for their support over the years and I am proud to be a Life Member.

My highlights include three Women’s World Cups including refereeing a semi-final (New Zealand v France). The majority of my refereeing has been in the men’s game, so more recent highlights are as an assistant referee and reserve official for the Premiership and Championship – it’s always a great feeling when you’re involved in a “big” game, but you get just as much satisfaction when you referee a really competitive local game and know that 30 players have had a cracking game, and that you’ve played your part in that. “Always remember why you started and where you started.”

My goals now are in helping younger referees develop as individuals and referees. I am also supporting World Rugby’s 7s referees as we build for the Commonwealth Games, 7s World Cup and, the ultimate goal, the Tokyo Olympic Games.