Wayne Davis – On behalf of SRRS Executive Committee

I know this has been discussed at society meetings, but as referees we need to reinforce which studs players are allowed to wear when playing rugby.

Below are pictures of 2 types of stud that we are aware of that are not allowed to be worn when playing rugby. If you see these, players must be asked to change the studs. You are not being a “awkward” by enforcing this and you can be sure that SRRS will back you all the way.


In the main it is the “screw in studs” that are the issue and moulded studs (whatever shape they are) SHOULD be OK, but if there are sharp edges, either worn down or just by design, you can ask a player to change their boots before they play if you think they are dangerous.

A similar email to this is being sent to club contacts with a note asking them to pass this information on to their players. This should aid you, if questioned, when you enforce these requirements.

We have all had the “they were OK last week sir” response and although a team may play outside Somerset too let’s make sure we don’t create an issue for our fellow SRRS refs by not enforcing this.

If you have any issues, please feel free to give me or one of the Executive committee a call.