Society Regulations

Society Regulations


(Formerly known at the Somerset County Rugby Football Union Referees’ Society – Founded 1889)


The Society shall be called “The Somerset Rugby Referees Society Limited” and will be named hereafter in these rules as “The Society”. The object of the Society shall be to provide efficient and accredited referees.

A representative of the Society shall be co-opted onto the Somerset County Rugby Football Union Limited. Management Committee under Rule 11.2 of the Rules of the County Union, and such a representative shall be nominated by the Society Executive Committee.

The Society was also a member of the Wessex Federation.


Membership to the Society shall be open to those who upon application to the Society, meet the criteria for membership as decreed. The management shall have the right to refuse application of any person and the right to expel any member from the Society, without prejudice.

2.1 Active member, shall mean any qualified referee who has paid any subscription as required. Qualified referee means those referees who have passed the Society examination or National Foundation course, or who have been bona fide members of the Societies.

2.2 Referee Adviser, shall mean any member who has qualified by passing the National Level Two Advisers examination, of those who are under instruction in preparation to sit such examination.

2.3 Non-active members shall be those who cease to be either Active members or Advisers and continue their membership, but take no part in the activities of match officiating.

2.4 Life Members. The Annual General Meeting, on the recommendation of the management Committee, has power to elect Life Membership any member who has given exceptional service to the Society.


In addition to the officers of the Society as stated in the model rules the following shall also be elected to the Management Committee; Chair of the Performance Committee, Chair of the Finance Committee, Chair of the Appointments Committee, Chair of the Recruitment and Retentions Committee, Chair of Training, Chair of Grading and a member of the Somerset County Rugby Football Union Limited. The Committee shall meet at least three times a year and at other times when deemed necessary. A quorum shall consist of five members.


4.1 APPOINTMENT. Shall consist of the Chair who shall be elected Appointment Secretary, the Exchange Secretary, Re-appointment Secretaries, Midweek appointment secretary.

The Committee will receive requests from Clubs, Schools, and other organisations for match officials. They shall meet on a monthly basis to appoint such officials as considered appropriate. To organise exchange appointments with other Societies, and to appointment match officials as appropriate. To notify those who have requested match officials, and other Societies with whom exchange appointments have been arranged, of the arrangements. To notify the referees of the Society of the appointments made. To make adjustments as and when necessary.

4.2 GRADING. Shall consist of the Chair who will be elected Grading Secretary, who will have developed to him the authority to invite at least three members of the Society’s Referee Adviser list to form the Committee.

The Committee shall meet at least on two occasions during the year. One, to be called the Annual General Meeting, to be held during the month of May, to set the grades for each Society referee. Two, to review those grades at a mid-season meeting, in light of adviser reports, and other information received. The Committee may make recommendations to the Appointment Committee regarding the level of game each referee is deemed capable of refereeing. The Committee shall appoint Advisers to selected matches for which the Society has appointed match officials. The Committee shall receive the reports from the Advisers within one week of the game, and distribute them to the referee so advised within three days of receipt of the report.

The Committee shall ensure that the Society Advisers are informed of necessary procedural changes and arrange with the Training Committee necessary training.

4.3 TRAINING. Shall consist of the Chair, Training co-ordinator, Development Squad coordinator. These members shall have the authority to co-opt any persons they see fit who will enhance the workings of that committee. They shall work to improve the performance of all match officials who are members of the Society, and others at the discretion of the committee.

The committee shall arrange courses for:

4.3.1 The instruction, examination and certification of match officials in accordance with the current RFU requirement.

4.3.2 To undertake such further courses of instruction or other methods of training as in the opinion of the management Committee shall be further required to achieve the object of the Society or promote the game of rugby union.
Match officials shall mean, referees, touch judges, advisers and any other match official as specified by the RFU.

4.4 FINANCE. Shall consist of the Chair, Hon Treasurer, and stock controller. The committee may co-opt onto the committee who they consider would enhance the working of the committee.
The Finance Committee shall prepare financial statements for each financial year which gives a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the Society and of the profits or loss for that period. In preparing the statements the Committee will be required to:

4.4.1 Select suitable accounting policies and then apply them consistently.

4.4.2 Make judgements and estimates that are reasonable and prudent.

4.4.3 Prepare the financial statements on the going concern basis.
The Committee will be responsible for keeping proper accounting records which disclose with reasonable accuracy at any time the financial position of the Society. The Committee will be responsible for safe guarding the assets of the Society.
The Accounts shall be prepared for approval by the Annual General Meeting and made up to 31st July each year.

4.5 RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION. Shall consist of the Chair, Webmaster and Press Officer. The committee shall have the power to co-opt such persons as they see fit to enhance the workings of the committee. At least two members will form a quorum.

The committee shall meet at least three times a year, and the Chair will call a meeting as required or requested by a member of that committee. The aims of the recruitment and retention committee shall be to enable the society to recruit and retain sufficient numbers of referees and advisers.

4.6 PERFORMANCE COMMITTEE. Shall consist of the Chair (who shall be the current Society Vice-Chairman/woman), the Chair of the Training committee, Chair of the Grading committee and Chair of Appointments committee.
The committee shall meet on at least two occasions a year (close season and midseason), to:

4.6.1 Coordinate the activities and (where possible) improve the efficiency of the Appointment Grading and Training Committees, to the best advantage of the members of the Society.

4.6.2 Prepare a written report based on information provided by its constituent Committees, for its representative to deliver at Executive Committee meetings.

4.6.3 Ensure liaison between each of those committees so as to better achieve its aims.

4.6.4 Encourage full participation in the Society’s activities by all its members.


The annual subscription for the succeeding year shall be agreed at the A.G.M.