A Friendly Face

A Friendly Face

Are you injured or unable to officiate at the moment?

Could you offer a friendly face and some words of advice to a new referee?

If so, please contact Reg Lewis to see if their is a suitable game near you that you could attend to watch and help another referee by providing some words of wisdom or just some encouragement.

As all referees know, being the man (or woman) in the middle can be a lonely experience, particularly in your early days. It is often helpful to have another referee at the game who can chat with you at half time and after the match if only to cheer you up when you feel you have had a bad game.

If you are able to help please contact Reg first who will advise you who you can assist.

You will not be expected to produce an advisors report or have a formal post-match discussion but will be asked to record any advice you are able to offer for the training committee and, if requested, the referee to record in his or her training portfolio. Remember, this only an informal process and the referee is entitled to ask you not to comment if he or she so wishes!