Ground Regulations

Ground Regulations

Ref 05-0033 – Touchline Management

Please see below Regulation 17, taken from the English Club Championship Regulations for season 2005-2006.

I would draw your attention to item 17.5, which relates to the management of the touchline at League fixtures at Level 5 or below.  Its purpose is to assist Referees operating within the Community Game, often without the assistance of a Fourth Official, by ensuring that Team Officials do not position themselves inappropriately during the match.

Regulation 17 taken from the English Club Championship Regulations 2005-06

 17.       Grounds and Match Management

17.1     A home Club is responsible for correctly and clearly marking its pitch. In addition it must make proper provision to ensure that (with the exception of the touch judges, the fourth official and others permitted by these Regulations) all spectators, replacements and officials are kept at a reasonable distance from the field of play by a permanent or semi permanent barrier save where because of the home Club’s league Level in Divisional or Constituent Body Leagues its Organising Committee deems it unnecessary for such a barrier to be erected.

17.2     Each Club playing in the National Leagues in the Competition shall in addition make provision for two ‘technical areas’ one for each team competing in a match (each of which areas shall not exceed 10 sq. metres and which will be at least one metre from the touchline of the pitch. The ‘technical areas’ when occupied must not in any way impede the touch judges or fourth official undertaking his responsibilities). The ‘technical areas’ must be clearly designated between the touchline of the pitch and any perimeter or pitchside fencing or other barrier as being that to which all those permitted within the pitchside or perimeter fencing (i.e. not more than two medical staff responsible for administering treatment to players and not more than two persons carrying water for the players) are to be restricted during the match other than the period of half time.

17.3     Each Club playing in the National Leagues must ensure that team replacements and coaching staff are not permitted within the pitchside or perimeter fencing (unless there is a permanent ‘dugout’ in place in which case team replacements and coaching staff must confine themselves to the ‘dugout’ or keep without the pitchside or perimeter fencing) other than when a player is about to replace a player on the pitch, when a player is temporarily suspended or at and for the extent of half time.

17.4     Not more than four water carriers per team (including medical staff) are permitted within the pitch side or perimeter fencing or other barrier. Water carriers may only be permitted onto the playing area for the purposes of taking water to the players at such times as shall be approved by the Referee (on any other occasion players must come to the touchline to get water).

17.5     Each Club playing in the Leagues at Level 5 or below must (unless the Referee agrees otherwise or agrees an alternative) ensure that its replacements medical staff coaching staff and any other representatives are not permitted within the pitchside or perimeter fencing (or ten metres from the edge of the pitch if there is no such fencing) unless such personnel remain on the side of the pitch designated by the home Club within an area bounded by the centre and ten metre line on the pitch and two metres from the side line of the pitch at the end of the pitch in which it’s team plays the first half of the match.

Note: Any reported breach of these Regulations 17.1 to 17.5 by the referee so indicating on the match card will be acted upon and the Organising Committee of the League concerned will have the power to impose such penalty as it deems appropriate upon any Club in breach thereof. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing and subject to a Clubs right to appeal an Organising Committee has the right to deduct two or more League points.

17.6     When a late decision (i.e. a decision that is required to be made within three hours of kick-off) as to the fitness of the ground for the playing of a League match is necessary it shall be made by the respective captains (or other nominated representatives) of the Clubs involved.

If the captains (or other nominated representatives) are not able to agree, the decision as to the fitness of the ground shall be made by the appointed Referee.

Note. The referee is only required to give an opinion as to whether or not a ground is fit to be played upon. If the referee has given his decision and a team declines to play on a ground that the referee has declared fit that shall be the decision of the team concerned and not that of the referee. A referee’s opinion as to the fitness of the pitch may be requested by the Organising Committee to determine any dispute or appeal.

17.7     Any player temporarily suspended when playing in a National League match must remain in the ‘technical area’ or leave the playing enclosure and be clearly and readily identifiable to the fourth official. Any player temporarily suspended at level 5 and below should remain in the ‘technical area’ (if provided) or remain between the posts in the in goal area which his team is attacking or in such other place as the referee may agree.

17.8     Any player ordered off must leave the playing enclosure.