Development Squad

Somerset Referee Development Squad 2017-2018



Our Objectives:

 Working with levels 10-8 (low 7) looking for potential referees to progress. 

Allocate a full time coach to Squad members pushing to L7 and beyond.  

Video analysis of Squad members’ games.  

Fitness tests carried out. 

Mentoring all members of the Squad.



What is expected/expectations of a Squad Member:

Squad Members Need To:

 Be available as often as possible throughout the season. Referring a MINIMUM of 20-25 games.

 You must attend every Development Squad meeting, held the first Thursday of every month.

 Must attend at least 50% of the full society meetings.

 You have to complete a bi-annual laws test, and the head case test.

 Reach a MINIMUM of level 15.2 on the YOYO Intermittent Recovery Test; this is the required level for a national AR official. Or, achieving an EXCELLENT on the Coopers Test for age adjusted levels.

Please feel free to discuss any aspects of the above, or the game, with me at a Society meeting, on the phone, or via email.



We look forward to see Squad members at the meetings.

Chris Hoadley

Development Squad Manager