Dave Mealing recieves Society Tie from President Mike Curling

During this season there has been a few changes to how you enter the society. New Chairman, Bruce Marshall, has started an academy for new referees to join, this for referees that join the society until they are either 18 years old or have reached 5 games for the society. Once they have reached those 5 games they will be given their society kit from Brian Perry, kit sponsor, and they will be awarded their society tie by President Mike Curling.

Richard Sumner receives his Whistle from Society President Mike Curling


The first time we welcomed referees into the society was during the Christmas party where we welcomed Alex Priddle, Dave Mealing, Aaron Sumner and Chris Brown into the society. They have all recently joined the society and have done very well in the first half of the season, the whole society hopes they have enjoyed their time so far with the society and hope they continue their great process with their refereeing.


Another great idea the society has added is to award referees for how many games they referee for the society. For referees that have refereed 25 games they are given a new whistle; Bruce decided it would be a great idea to start the count from the beginning of last season so referees that were awarded with their new whistle at the Christmas meeting were: Richard Sumner, Matt Bowditch, Paul Box and Nick Williams.